Main aim of Mother of God community

World is comprised of imperfect human beings and thus we need law. The main aim of catholic education is to help others in the society in the name of mother of god. All the responsibilities and duties of Christian community is being taught here to bring out a perfect human being. In the name of Holy Spirit the communities share their faith, greatness and joy they received through god. Most important events in every Christian community includes,

  • Worship gatherings
  • Faith sharing
  • Teaching
  • Prayer meetings
  • Community gatherings
  • Conducting events

Even youngsters show interest in taking part in these communities. There are also youth gatherings and youth fest in which they are conducted with various activities. Each activity is a lesson for them to learn the joy of giving, sharing and receiving. They are taught in different ways to understand the purpose of helping people around us on the earth. Sharing love and mercy is very important than sharing things and money. You could find most of the Christian missions preach this to the students as they teach them to love all living beings. They make them to be faithful to their selves and to the God.

Worship gatherings are held in different places. When a family or couple needs help from god lord we would arrange for a worship gathering at their place. Praying to god with whole heart as a community would definitely help us greatly. It’s not just belief but there are many real time proof for it. Hence people believe that to gain the blessings of mother of god worship gatherings can help greatly.

Faith sharing is the interesting part of any Christian meeting. We will be able to hear wonders that are made by god in everyone’s lives. People share their true stories where Jesus blessed them with his mercy. This will also make others in the meeting to feel the presence of god. There are lots of communities in which they are helping poor, uneducated and ill people. Through Christian communities they help people to heal their internal and external soul wounds.