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5G world drive will be the collaborative ecosystem

5G technology is a new version of network. It is an updated version of 4G and 3G. Just like 4G, it is an updated version of 5G. It will be faster and more speeder than Fuji and other networks. It is a wireless mobile standard network. Its performance targets high data rated, reduced latency, cost reduction and higher system capacity. It is engineered to be greatly increase of speed and responsiveness of networks.5G network is more useful for gamers. They provide better. Experience. For download and upload speeds are higher. 5G technology makes more attractive and effective. It is a smart technology. It allows more productivity using less hardware.

5G will drive the future evolution of internet

5G Network is updated network but because of that children effect from. Severe diseases like cancers. Health risks. There will be a RF radiation health risk from the. 5G technology networks. There will be a microwave frequency. It causes health problems like fertility, damage, skin and sweat ducts. In various, because nowadays every child having mobile phone. And with that 4G and 5G networks. Everyone is using mobile phones smartphones. With updated networks. Usage of these phones and these networks are high. But there is damage and there will be health risks of using this 5G network. There will be cause of migraine. And mental health issues and physical health issues.  There will be more effect of 5G and children. There are many surveys conducted on this 5 G technology.

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