The best jeans for short men do not have to be obtained with appropriate sizes. Although it would be absurd to look for clothes that are twice the waist than they usually wear, it is important to look for jeans that are relatively longer than the actual height. To reduce the minimum clearance between the hip bone and the foot, you can look for thin structures covering the calf of the leg, but with a wide mid-section to create the illusion of growth and materiality. There are several reasons that make this clothing suitable for such a person.

 These include intense dark color, an extensive area for legs and edges to change the design.

On the topic of color selection, the best กางเกงยีนส์ขาสั้นชาย are not classic blue jeans, but dark ones. This is because they are more like a figure and can be described by their great elegance, a condition necessary to achieve the idea of ​​height. They also give the fabric a rich tone, making it more valuable than it actually is. It is also easy to change without changing the user about the changes that have been made to street girl fashion.

Another reason for the best jeans for short men is especially applicable to those who buy clothes right at the mall. This is due to the area of ​​the legs, which should be noticeable in how it covers the shoes. It should reach the sole of the shoe, and not be close to the ankles. This is important because it allows part of the fabric to be lost due to frequent washing. Therefore, the more this leg area expands, the more it looks and lasts longer when used.


The best jeans for shorties are those that can stand out after retouching. You can buy a larger one, and then take it to a tailor to lose weight. This is simply due to the fact that the fabric is easy to patch, and it can be pierced from the inside without leaving any kind of free appearance, as it may look on clothes made from other materials. The only factor to consider is the fact that the clothes are sewn on the right hem to avoid the unnatural appearance of the original.

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