Redwood forest humboldt county ca

Discover more about redwood forest Humboldt County, California

It is a widely known forest located at Redwood Coastal California, roughly 200 miles northern San Francisco in Humboldt County. Redwood forest Humboldt county ca proudly provide a beautiful and fantastic experience to any curious tourist. However, its greatest fame is believed that it is an actual home of famous California-Coastal-Redwoods. Here are some of the attractive features in Humboldt County:

Home of the tallest trees worldwide

Additionally, it is believed that Humboldt is proudly home of the world’s tallest trees. It is also an original old-growth redwood as well as the most extensive redwoods parks such as Humboldt-Redwoods-State Park, Dive-Thru-Trees, accessible groves etc.

Exceptional California Coastline

The county also comprises over 100 miles outstanding attractive California coastline with sandy beaches/rocky tide pools and cliffs. Humboldt County also offers remarkable outdoor playground that is absolutely unique. One of the reasons why most people visit this count is Nature.

Remarkable activities in Humboldt County

 Regardless of what brought in Humboldt County, be it towering redwoods with car or motorbike or even mountain adventures, you will experience outstanding and unforgettable fun. If you are fun of wildlife, birds watching, rafting, sailing, kayaking, cycling or water sports, then you need to visit Humboldt County. You will also discover the most scenic regions and untouched places in California.

 The beauty of Humboldt County is widely known worldwide that you don’t have to research to know anything about it. It also comprises natural wonders, a few miles away from town and small cities that offer a wide range of shopping, lodging, dining and more attraction for tourist.

Eureka city

Eureka is known as the largest town in Humboldt County that offers many amenities for tourists, incredible art scene, many places to visit and lots of activities to perform. Indeed, it makes an ideal Vacation home of Humboldt County.

Arcata College Town

Arcata is known as college city situated in the northern area of Eureka, which provide the travelers with outstanding attractions like Wildlife Sanctuary and Arcata Marsh. More other famous town includes Orrick, Trinidad, Victorian Ferndale Village and Shelter Cove.

If you move further from its coastal region, the Giant Avenue, Garberville is recognized as the southern gateway of Humboldt. Willow Creek is also one of the famous area located on the eastern part of Humboldt County.


Redwood forest humboldt county ca is oriented by nature, including many coastal regions, forests and small-town countryside. If you’ve made your mind to settle in any of those cities, certainly you can tour along the beaches, public lands and redwoods parks.

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