Family Office Services Offered By FOAHK

Families use family offices today to monitor and manage their wealth. A tenfold increase in family offices has occurred in the last ten years, as families have become more professional in their asset management. But as the old adage goes when one has seen a family office, they have seen only a part of it. Neither a family office nor a family is the same. There are three main types. Multi-family offices, serve more than just one family. Single-family offices, working exclusively for one family and those still embedded in the family operating company. They all focus exclusively on the needs and interests of the family they work for, including protecting the family’s privacy and simplifying the administrative burden. There are some family services offered by FOAHK in these similar lines.

What services are provided by FOAHK?

The company provides both single-family and multi-family services. They oversee family assets and enterprises, pool resources for investment, and manage risks facing the family.

  • New approaches to investment – by developing a wealth-invested strategy, that navigate the needs and wants of multiple generations, they play a key role in the transition to more responsible investing, helping families put their wealth to work for social good.
  • Introducing new technology – they aim to improve the efficiency and quality of management to robust cyber security planning. Families can play for their future with them in the digital age.
  • Getting ready for the spotlight – they also know that they are part of protecting a family’s reputation. By working for the families, they are helping, they provide peace of mind.


Family office services offered by FOAHK help families with a whole range of different things like management and administration. These offices mostly make it easier for the families to have a good investment and plan for their future.

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