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How to choose the agent of change in the organization?

When an organizational change process is initiated, one of the critical factors that cause the implementation not to have the expected success is the lack of appropriate aptitude to choose the agents of change in the organization

Companies often take third parties to lead the change, however, even if a consultant has the baggage, knowledge, and experience to propose changes, it is necessary to find leaders within the organization to act as agents of change , and establish a level of “urgency” such that mobilizes the entire organization to achieve the objectives of change that are pursued.

 In most of the big companies with a global vocation, Leadership reserves are kept, they choose as leaders of change professionals with creative entrepreneurial vision and who know how to manage change, not the manager of stability or the professional bureaucrat.

  Some suggestions to keep in mind, in choosing the managing agent Singapore, are:

managing agent

 Look at competitions, not your credentials

What matters most about the people who are going to assume the leadership of a team or project is their ability to sell and to be convinced, their ability to establish networks of influence, their enthusiasm to infect others, their energy and courage to make decisions when the “potatoes” burn. What matters less, is his capacity for planning, his obsession with costs, or his knowledge of the rules and procedures.

So keep the important factors in mind while you are going to choose managing agent.

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