Although from the optometrist’s point of view, the most important in the context of customer service is the selection of appropriate glasses, for customers themselves, the key aspect of visiting an optical salon is the choice of eyeglass frames in which they will feel attractive and comfortable. How to effectively help clients in their selection? In many optical stores, customers have the option of trying on eyeglass frames themselves but are often left alone. Meanwhile optical services pittsburgh pa , many of them are not aware that the selection of appropriate frames affects not only the appearance but also the everyday comfort of wearing glasses. Ill-fitting frames (e.g., based on the cheeks, too big, too small) will not fulfill the basic function of glasses, i.e., improving the quality of vision. In this context, the role of the optician in the selection of glasses is very important, although not easy. He must be able to find a golden mean between how to advise the client on the aesthetic function of luminaries while taking into account technical and practical issues. – It is important for the optician to be able to impress the customer with experience in the professional selection of luminaries, advised

Key factors

When advising a customer, a customer service employee at an optician’s shop should consider both the aesthetic and functional aspects of eyeglass frames. – The choice of frames is a serious dilemma for many people because glasses are an element that accompanies us every day and should match the overall style of the person. It is most difficult  when choosing optical services pittsburgh pa  the first frames when the customer is not determined on a specific model or shape of the frames and is also afraid that the glasses will not look as attractive as without them. Therefore, the optician, trying to help the customer in the selection of frames, should have knowledge of the principles of choosing frames for the shape of the face (see box). Technical functions that the target glasses are supposed to fulfill are equally important.

Help in choosing

Although most clients come to the salon with specific preferences regarding eyeglass frames, the multitude of shapes, functions, and materials used to make eyeglass frames can overwhelm some of them. Therefore, it is worth observing the reactions of customers and, in the case of noticeably lost help. – A good idea at the beginning is to show the customer the available types of frames. When the customer indicates his preferences, it is worth verifying whether he is not allergic to the materials from which the bindings can be made.

The attention and professionalism shown to the client in the context of the selection of luminaries significantly increase the level of consumer satisfaction with the services of the optical salon and affect a greater number of positive recommendations among subsequent people from the client’s environment

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