Let’s Take A Drive To Car Body Repair Lakewood Co

We’re surrounded by cars, right? Now we need a car for everything. Whether we go to our school or office. Either we have a car, or we take a cab. Few people know about the mechanism of the car. This means that if something goes wrong halfway through, we hardly know what our next step should be. Thus, knowledge about car body repair Lakewood co can help us in these uncertain situations.

How is your car repaired?

The first step is an estimation. The process starts with an expert inspecting the vehicle and documenting the damage. Pictures of the broken parts were taken, and a detailed inventory of labor and component costs was made.

Insurance policy

This information can then be sent to the insurance company. This preliminary assessment is only for visible damage. More damage can be found when the vehicle is disassembled. You will receive a written quote detailing everything that needs to be done, the cost of the repair, and the estimated time to complete the work.  The insurance company must also agree to the repair before paying.  From there, you can claim a total loss and ask your insurance company to pay the cost of the vehicle less the deduction as long as you transfer ownership to it.


Dismantling  This is the first step in car repair.  The store will contact you with information about these additional repairs, as well as the new cost and lead time.  This still counts as one repair, so you only have to pay the initial deduction.   Ordering parts  Usually, when you do mechanical work on your car, you don`t think twice about using the parts.  In body repair, even small changes can significantly increase the amount of work required to fit parts.

Most stores seek to purchase parts from original equipment manufacturers (OEM), the same used for car assembly in the factory, to avoid this. Car Body Repair Lakewood Co has tools and experienced techniques so that the car is quickly fixed. They are efficient and experienced to serve your purpose.

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