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Playing Football Without Getting Tackled

When most people imagine tackling, they think of a big hit, someone getting grabbed and dragged down to the ground. You’d be surprised to know that tackling can happen at a much lower speed and is perfectly legal if it’s done correctly in the play and not illegal. Football players are trained to avoid tackling, so if you love football and are looking for a new way for those boring plays to go more exciting than just getting tackled, this article is for you. Aside from learning how not to get tackled on practice tries or during actual games, there are rules about how you cannot tackle someone standing still or on someone’s knees.

Playing 메이저놀이터 football without getting tackled is not easy, and it takes a lot of practice, but every time you don’t get tackled makes winning the game that much more possible. If you have never tried to do this before, then it will be hard for you to do at first, but with practice on the basics of how not to get tackled, you will be able to do it more accessible and better.

This move is done by jumping over or jumping in front or back of a tackler while they are tackling your teammate. This trick is harder to do than it looks, but if you have quick feet and excellent agility, this may be the move for you. Make sure that when you do this move, you do it from as far away from the tackler as possible because if you land too close to them, they will tackle you instead. This technique is also known as scooting or jumping over a tackler.


To avoid being tackled while doing the scoot, start by running at an angle away from your opponent and make them believe that they will tackle you. When the tackler is about halfway down their tackling path, turn around and run back towards them at full speed on either side. When you get behind them, jump over their heads and run to an open area. Make sure you don’t jump too high, or your foot could get caught in the tackler’s face mask.

This technique is used mainly when two players try to avoid being tackled, and both want to go in one direction but the tackler is coming at them from both sides of their bodies. In this situation, it would be best to go in the direction with no tackler. It is also an excellent tactic to try when you are running backward, but it is better if you are going forward since the tackler will face you when they tackle you.

It’s a brilliant idea to learn how to avoid getting tackled when your teammate is trying to run down the field to score their point. If your tackler expects a run towards them, then there may be an opening for you to go around them and score your point without getting tackled. You can try this move by running as close as possible in front of the other player, but do not run in front of them so much that they can take advantage of the changing velocity of their feet and tackle you.