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What are Direct Mail and its types

This mail is a technique where the seller sends marketing messages to the buyer directly. Which, unlike the marketing media, direct mail can be controlled since its message is not randomly addressed to all consumers as in the case of television or outdoor advertising that sometimes reach customers without interest in the product. or service.

 One of its keys to success is to have a good customer database. To do this, it is necessary to:

* Periodically update the databases.

* Avoid duplicate names.

* Segment it according to the product or service.

The first goal of direct mailing services in Greenwood, SC is to avoid being thrown in the trash. To achieve this, it is recommended that the initial messages be suggestive and attractive. In this sense, the envelope can play an important role, as it is the first thing that the recipient perceives. For this reason, it is recommended:

Types of direct mail

In any of the two types of direct mail that will be presented below, they depend on these 3 variables that are: the volume of shipment type of piece, and Destination.

Direct mail with addresses consists of sending promotional material to the company’s database, the material may vary, it does not have to be a letter itself, since it can be a postcard, flyers, supplements, or pieces with more volume such as samples, objects or packages, etc.

Direct mail without address

This type is based on the geographical location of the target market. The mail carries out an investigation in which detailed information will be known about the contacts in each neighborhood, condominium, apartment building, office building and shopping. With this information, you will be able to know exactly how many points you are reaching and pre-select their destination according to your objectives and budget. It is very useful to attract new customers, create traffic to a place and send special promotions.

Electronic mail “E-Mail”

Electronic mail is an alternative to traditional direct mail and l consists of using electronic means to send advertising to email accounts.

Unwanted mail and advertising to the mailboxes of thousands of users without their authorization are considered spam and in some countries states, it is legislated.

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