Best Screen Enclosures For Porches and Pools

Want to decorate your pools and porches aesthetically? Confused about redecorating? Your answer has two words- screen enclosures. Invest in a good quality screen to transform your spaces to look modern and beneficial.

Screen enclosures for porches

  • Outdoor curtains: Putting up curtains and drapes is an effective way to protect your porches from the heat. You can enjoy your family time without any heat fuzz. Outdoor drapes also add to the ambience. Select a colour that complements the already present aesthetics.
  • Mosquito curtains: If you live in a geographical area with mosquito trouble, this is your best option. These multipurpose drapes come in a variety of designs to choose from. Confine your deck most easily with these screen enclosures.
  • Pre-fabricated window walls:This is an excellent choice for your porch. Already constructed and assembled window wall structures are available tailored to different sizes. You can choose one that fits your porch area. Add on accessories to give the area a complete and cosy finish.
  • Create your own: If you are really into DIY projects, you can find zillion videos online to create your enclosures for your porch. You can choose everything on your own and make the area extremely personalized.


Screen enclosures for pools

  • Glass enclosures: The widely sought-after enclosures for outdoor pools are made of glass or other glazing materials like polycarbonate. These materials are durable, stable, and cheap. In comparison to glass, polycarbonates are lighter and easier to customize to your needs. The fabrication effortlessness is preferred by many customers.
  • Dome roofs: Many clients pick a dome-shaped roof for their pools. Agreed, it gives the pool achic look. The entire area can be more spiced u if needed with your or the architect’s creativity.
  • Mansard design: The enclosure is flat at the sides but angled towards its edges. Segments descending can take any shape depending on the imagination and skill of the designer. This design gives a sophisticated finish to the pool.

Screen enclosures need not necessarily be bland or plain. They can be classy and add to the overall setting of the area, be it a porch or a pool. The trick is always in planning and choosing the right themes.

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