nasi lemak chicken

Everything You Should Know About Nasi Lemak Chicken

The world is filled with numerous delicious cuisines from all around the world. Everyone loves indulging in different cuisines because it gives them a taste of a different world and it allows them to travel to a different place without actually travelling. One such dish is nasi lemak chicken which is a Malaysian cuisine consisting of fragrant rice which is cooked with pandan leaf and coconut milk. It is considered as the nativo al dish of Malaysia and the neighbouring countries with Malay population also eat it as a native dish.

As with any other chicken dish, there are different ways to cook this dish as well and you can prepare and experiment with the flavours too. However, the most common recipe includes ingredients like white rice, coconut milk, pandan leaf, ginger, and salt. The chicken gravy is called sambal and you can prepare the fried chicken according to your preference.

Recipe of nasi lemak chicken

  • Boil the rice and once it is cooked, mix it with the coconut milk, salt, pandan leaf, and ginger.
  • You can fry the chicken according to your taste but make sure you deep fry it. Once done, keep it aside.
  • You can prepare some side dishes and once everything is ready, you can prepare the meal to be served.

This is the most common nasi lemak chicken recipe but if you want to try more variants, you can check their website and try out new recipes.

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